…Entertaining book-related stuff on the web in lieu of a proper post.

A teenager called Alec Niedenthal claims in a letter to the NYT book review to be representative of Gen Y’s up-and-coming writers (the ones he claims the NYT “have so hastily jettisoned as literary jetsam”). According to Gawker, his cunning plan to score a book deal has failed (partly because he doesn’t actually have a book yet), but at least he got a tote-bag put of embarassing himself in public.

Emily Gould has signed a book deal for her memoir-ish collection of essays, And the Heart Says…Whatever. The proposal is kept tightly under wraps, but thanks to her former employer and current bete noir Gawker, this doesn’t last longFelicia Sullivan is unimpressed (not to mention catty and unprofessional). Maude Newton is equally unimpressed with Sullivan’s threat to “break out a shovel and a 12 gauge” (for her or Gould? she doesn’t say) at the prospect of Gould getting a cool one million. In the end it turned out to be an undisclosed six figure sum – but, like everything else in Gould’s life, it probably won’t stay undisclosed for long.

One of the books on my summer reading list has won the Samuel Johnson prize. Kate Summerscale’s The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, based on a real-life murder in 1860s England, has garnered the already lauded author even more critical acclaim (not to mention a cheque for £30,000). Suffice it to say, it’s now at the top of my ‘to read’ list. Or it would be if I was organised enough to keep such a list.

From the GalleyCat archives and topping the list of my favourite things: literary showtune parodies. I’ve got my new dinner party game…

Bookslut has an interview with one of the owners of Bluestockings Bookstore. I swear, when I visit the U.S, I’m going there and spending so much money that I can’t afford to fly home and have to wash dishes to raise my plane fare.

The Guardian book blog has a feature on the greatest books you’ve never read – a post similar to the game ‘Humiliation’ that David Lodge writes about – everyone gives the title of a famous book they’ve never read, or at least finished. Mine is Paradise Lost – despite getting a B for the 2nd year exam essay I wrote on it at university.

And lastly, I really wish I’d gone to this party.

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