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So, as some of you know, I make my debut as a published author in May. My story, City of the Dead is appearing an an anthology of lesbian ghost stories, and you can pre-order Haunted Hearths & Sapphic Shades from Amazon here

I’ve just finished reading my proof copy, and I’m in seriously good company – the other stories are fantastic, and I managed to scare myself a few times. There are some terrific authors there, established and otherwise, and whilst ghost stories and lesbians might not be your cup of tea…well if they’re not, how do you put up with me? So tell everyone you know, write about it on your blog, and then go and pre-order it. Bbuy a copy for your friends, your grandmother, or even your cat (whilst cats don’t normally like ghosts, they LOVE lesbians). You’ll be supporting a terrific small publishing company, and it will do my ego no end of good. And if you’re local I’ll even sign it for you 😉

It’s launching at WisCon, a big feminist fantasy/sci fi event taking place in Wisconson, so if you’re going to that you can pick up a copy there and meet some of the awesome authors who will be doing readings – sadly not me, unless anyone wants to give me plane fare to the US…